Ctrl Alt Del

Ctrl Alt Del

The primary objectives of the campaign were as follows:

1. Develop engaging animated video content to educate about resetting the system & stopping the practice of planned obsolescence.

2. Connect these issues to the broader problem of the demand for raw materials and the race to increase mining production.

3. Establish a call to action for local communities in Flanders to engage with the topic.

Research and Content Development: Conducted research on e-waste, planned obsolescence, reverse engineering, and the mining industry. Collaborated closely with Catapa's team to ensure the Ctrl-Alt-Del campaign aligned with the organization's overall objectives. Developed conceptual sketches and creative direction to move forward with campaign rebranding. This included a website revamp, logo design, and overall ideation.  Utilized animation software (After Effects, C4D, Blender) to create photo-realistic renders of e-waste super-imposed on traditional Flemish landscapes. Designed print layouts (flyers/infographics) to provide in-person engagement and lead those interested in learning more to follow the campaign online.  Incorporated visual elements marking the interconnection between e-waste, planned obsolescence, and mining practices.

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